How can Soy Reduce Energy use in my Home?

It is really amazing to see how you can use simple products like soybeans for various purposes. You see these green beans in daily products like hotdogs and tofu. They are also used in soy based carpets, soy milk as well as soy powered diesel. One thing that you wouldn't have probably known about these soy beans is that they can be used as spray on insulators for your homes.

Working of Soy Insulation

Yes, you heard right. Soy Insulation spray can be applied to the new as well as existing homes in order to insulate the leaking temperature from the external sources. This will save electricity in your homes as it reduces the unwanted penetration of heat and cold from the regulators. This technology is new in the market and it is contains a mixture of many other synthetic components in addition to soybeans.

Types of Soy Insulation

If you are choosing to install soy insulation in your homes, you can go with two methods namely open cell insulation and closed cell insulation. The Open type is very soft and lightweight. It contains broken bubbles of air in the inside and it can resist heat up to 3.6 per inch.

The closed type on the other hand is much denser and thick and so it can resist heat twice more than the open type. Both these types are very effective but the open type is a lot cheaper. There are many other methods of insulation so why should you go with soy? Here are some of the top reasons.

Reduce energy use with Insulation
Reduce energy use with Insulation

Advantages of Soy Insulation

Soy Insulation spray can be applied everywhere. If you prefer other insulator methods like fiberglass, you won't be able to fit them in small corners of your house and so the efficiency reduces drastically. But since the soy insulator is only a spray, you can reach even the smallest nook of your house and prevent heat entering from there.

Soy Insulation is pollution free as it does not contain any harmful, volatile substances like Chloro Fluro Carbons (CFC) which increase the ozone depletion. Other insulator methods require materials like Polyurethane in order to apply but you can apply soy insulators using water based agents.

During summer, you use air conditioners inside your house. If your walls are soy conditioned, then the air conditioner will remain as such for a long time because the soy will expand the conditioned air by more than 100 times making it last long. This will greatly save electricity as well as keep your home chill for a long time.

Misconceptions about Soy Insulation

There are many myths saying that soy insulation attracts birds and rodents but they are totally base-less. Mainly because, the soy will lose all its eatable properties once it gets mixed with other synthetics. Also it is highly water resistant preventing rotting, decaying and molding of the walls.

So, these are some of the advantages of using soy based Insulation. So, get your home soy insulated and make your contribution to save the world by keeping it eco-friendly.

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