Here at cleangreenenergyzone.com we are devoted to educating our visitors about the possibilites available with renewable energy. We have now reached a stage in human development when the discover of new souces of energy seems crucial to our survival as a species. Most of us can appreciate that we are now overdependent on oil. If we continue at our current consumption we will evetually run out; maybe not in our lifetime but in the not too distant future.

While their may be enough oil left on the planet to keep us going for the next few decades we are being constantly subject to fluctuations in price; this can only get worse unless we find an alternative. Many people are also concerned about the effect of our energy usage is having on the planet and see this as further reason to look for a greener option. Luckily there have been some great developments in recent years in regards to more renewable sources of energy.

One area of exploration into renewable energy that has received a lot of interest has been solar energy. The sun has been creating energy reliably for billions of years and we wouldn't be able to survive as a species without this. We are now finding new innovative ways to harness this energy. We can now use solar panels to turn sunlight directly into electricity or we can use the thermal properties of sunlight to create heat for our homes.

It isn't just solar power though, that is giving us optimism for a reliable alternative to oil based fuels. Wind power is also been harnessed to turn turbines, and many countries now have their own wind farms. Hydropower means that we can take the energy from moving water and use this to produce electricity. Other exciting possibilities for a solution to our oil dependence include biomass and the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

We can all play our part in this move away from non-renewable fuel sources. It is now possible for us to add solar panels or wind turbines to our homes and take charge of providing for our own energy needs. This will not only save us money in the long run but will also allow us to do our bit to make the world a greener place.

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