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Advantages of a Micro Hydro-Power Plant

Micro Hydro power plants have so many advantages as they are effective, reliable and very efficient in producing small amounts of energy. However, there are a few factors that should be considered in order for the plant to be successful.

It is very important for an individual or company looking to develop a small hydro power plant to know the limitations and the energy benefits of the hydro technology before even starting to develop the power plant. With the right research tools and skills, one can be able to develop a source of renewable energy even from small streams.

Efficient Source of Energy

Hydro power plants have so many advantages and one of them is that, it is a very efficient source of energy. It does not take a lot of water to generate hydro power because power can be generated by a flow of about two gallons per minute. Streams having water levels of about two feet can also be used to generate hydro power for use up to a mile away from the location that the power station is located. This means that anybody living near a source of water can be able to generate hydro power for use in their homes.

Renewable Energy Source

These hydro power stations are also very cheap to maintain because the energy is renewable and it can never run out. Streams and rivers are the ones which are used to turn the turbines which generate the hydro power. They can never run out of water but the amount of water can reduce during the dry season but they can still generate power. These plants produce power during the day and also night and they are better than other sources of energy like solar power which is only active during the day.

Reliable Source of Energy

These source of power is very reliable in that power generation is constant and there is no possibility of this energy source to be exhausted any time in the near future as compared to the other sources of energy like oil. Oil is being drilled every day and there is a possibility of an oil well to dry up and this proves that oil can be exhausted.

Rivers and streams on the other hand are renewable sources of energy and they will always be there. Rivers, streams and other water bodies are all connected together and this means that water will always flow and power will always be generated.

Economic Effects

These hydro power plants may be generating a lot of power and some of the power might be going to waste. One may choose to contribute some of the power generated by his/her hydro power plant to the national power grid for a fee. This might turn out to become a great source of income because the companies that supply power will definitely pay for the power. The hydro power plant that was meant to be a source of power for your home might turn out to be a great business investment. These hydro power plants have many more advantages compared to other sources of energy but many people have not yet discovered this.