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Advantages of the Different Sizes of Wind Turbines

With the advancement of technology, farmers find it a lot easier doing wind farming because of the availability of the wind turbines. Wind farming is usually done on the vertical area rather than the horizontal one and this makes farming a lot easier using these turbines.

There are different sizes of wind turbines and it all depends with the nature of the energy harvesting that is being done. These sizes are usually measured by the rotor size and this is mainly because the wider the rotor diameter the more area being harvested and the more power output will be generated.

Output Considerations

It is important to ensure that when choosing a wind turbine you consider the size depending on the output that will be generated over time. It is evidently clear that settling for a large generator more power will be needed for it to turn.

It is also important to consider the area that the wind turbine is being installed because if the area is low in wind then it will mean that a generator will be required depending on the rotor size so as to maximize the annual output. When one has a small generator in an area that has low wind then it might give more output and this is mainly because the turbine will run for added hours during the course of the year.

Large Wind Turbines

There are some advantages with choosing the larger sizes of wind turbines which include the fact that the large ones are perfectly suitable for wind power that is off shore. This is because the foundation costs usually do not increase with the increase in the machine size and also the cost of maintenance is independent with the machine size.

The other benefit of the large turbines is the fact that they are able to give out more electricity at costs which are lower compared to the smaller ones. This is mainly because the set up costs do not depend on the size of the machine making it constant whether big or small. A large turbine also works perfectly in areas where sites for more than one turbine are difficult to find because it will use the wind resource that is available in a more efficient manner.

Small Wind Turbines

There are also some benefits that are associated with choosing the small sizes of wind turbines and these include the fact that if the local electrical grid is too weak for handling the large machine's electricity output then the smaller will handle it perfectly. The fluctuations are also less in the output of electricity making the small machines perfect for these weak electrical grids. Smaller machines are also economical when it comes to building strong roads for carrying all the turbine components since they are not as heavy as the larger ones.

The area with aesthetical landscape may require smaller machines since they usually have a higher rotational speed as compared to the larger ones and many of them may attract more attention as compared to one small one. It is therefore important to consider the different pros and cons of the different sizes of wind turbines before settling for a particular one.