Battery Recondition

Reconditioning batteries is a technique which you could implement to revive the old batteries. By this technique, you could save tons of money as well as eliminating the headache of replacing the batteries again and again. If you are thinking that reconditioning is similar to recharging, then it is time to change your opinion.

Why is reconditioning better than recharging?

The fact is recharging your battery will give your battery only a limited life time but reconditioning will give it back its full power. There are two to three methods of reconditioning batteries and after you come across them, you will realize the fact that they are very simple and require little effort. Another important factor to note is that the process is very cost efficient and it could even be established as a small scale business.

Understanding the basics of the process

Although reconditioning is very simple, you need to work hard to understand the basics of the art before you could master it. There are many simple techniques which will bring back 100% power to the battery. Even though you might claim that rechargeable batteries do the same, they are dependent on power cables.

Without power cables, it is impossible to recharge batteries but you can recondition batteries without them. Now days, you need batteries everywhere. Be it your Mobile Phone, iPods, Emergency Lamps or a Golf Cart, you need battery everywhere. But there is one bad thing about them that is they go off when you need them the most. You won't have a charger near you at that time and your life itself might become miserable because of that.

Battery Recondition - Rechargeable Battery Details
Battery Recondition

Necessary conditions to check

Before reconditioning, you have to measure the charge on the battery. This can be done using instruments like Millimeter. If the battery reads 0V, it means that it is completely exhausted and your reconditioning process might not be done. It is not easy to recondition batteries that are completely dead. Normally there are devices such as the "reviver" which will bring back your battery to life. You can also do the process manually but you have to be careful while doing that as the batteries contains harmful acids.

How to carry out the process?

There are many methods to recondition your battery. Most people use mechanical methods for that purpose while others use special devices. It is also noted that 50% of the people freeze the batteries for 24 hours before reconditioning it. The freezer will take out all the final ions making the battery completely empty before it could be reconditioned.

The very first that you have to know is that not all batteries are same. Each battery has its own reconditioning process and you have to know about that particular battery before carrying out the process. The most commonly reconditioned battery is the Lead Acid battery which is normally used in mobile phones. This battery is also termed as the battery of the future as it does not contain any liquid in it.

Reconditioning your battery is better than recharging it and obviously better than replacing it. It is cheap and it could also be turned into a small scale business.

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  1. UMESH says:

    I have a 150Ah Tubular Battery how to recondition it, it was not holding charge, briefly explain how to recondition it

  2. ahmed says:

    How can i recondition a dry cell battery. Pls i ll need the process and the required materials.


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