Benefits of Magnetic Wind Turbines

With the advancement of technology there are many hi-tech developments that are coming up and one of them is the magnetically levitated vertical axis wind turbine. It is one of the best residential wind turbines and it is growing in popularity on a rapid rate. This development is made so as to improve the lives of those who need wind turbines for different purposes. It has proven to be highly effective with a number of advantages that can be associated with it. This is one of the magnetic wind turbines that reduces friction and does not have a squeaking sound that is not pleasing.

Low Wind Speed

There are other beneficial features that this turbine has. There is the requirement of the low wind speed which is usually 1to2mph so as to start and it continues producing power at a wind speed of 4mph. The production of power is continued up to 90mph wind speed and then there reaches a point where an electromagnetic brake appoints so as to prevent the hardware of the turbine from being damaged. All this is because the wind turbine uses the technology of the permanent axial flux magnetic levitation magnet generator.

High Energy Production

There is also the benefit of the energy production that is high. Most of the times people tend to think that those wind turbines that have low wind speed will lead to low energy production but this is not the case with the magnetic wind turbines. These are technologically advanced and they are designed in the most perfect way to ensure that they give out the same if not more energy production with the other types of turbines which are usually larger.

It is also able to handle harsh weather conditions like storms and strong winds which make it perfect for its use in residential areas. This is made possible by the fact that it has a top speed of more than 100mph.

Magnetic Wind Turbines Schematic
Magnetic Wind Turbine


These magnetic wind turbines are also perfect because they are affordable and one can be able to reduce the stress they have from paying high electrical bills on a monthly basis by purchasing it. It is highly reliable for home use when it is compared to other sources of energy technologies like the solar energy and other different types. One can be able to regain the amount they spent from purchasing the turbine within three short years or less of using the turbine and this is highly worthwhile.

With these turbines one can be sure of enjoying their lives without the constant headaches of high electricity bills and getting the most effective electrical supply. They are also perfect for all weather conditions which basically mean that one does not need to worry about changing the positions on a regular basis to get the effective results of the turbines. They are also less noisy since they do not produce any form of noise making it perfect for households that have children around. One can continue with their daily living without experiencing any form of disturbance from these turbines.

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