BP Photovoltaic Solar Panels

BP Solar is a subsidiary company of BP Electronics. This company has been producing Photovoltaic Solar cells for some time now and it has an impressive record in countries like India and China. It also has branches all around the world and employees more than 2000 workers.

What are Solar Panels?

Generally Solar Panels are defined as the devices that absorb energy from the Sun and then convert that into suitable forms of energy for our conventional use. These panels are often placed on the roof of your houses and are linked with outlets like solar water heater for usage. These days, most Governments are also using Solar Panels to provide electricity for the street side lamps.

Solar Panels can be used on all variants of electrical instruments. Mostly, the space bounded satellites are covered with Solar Panels so that they could absorb heat from the sun and use that for the processing purposes. This eliminates the need for sending long standing batteries into the space along with these satellites.

Types of BP Panels

BP Solar Panels are world renowned for their efficiency as well as reliability. The company produces two types of panels namely Monocrystalline Panels and Polycrystalline Panels. As the name suggests, the monocrystalline panels are made with a single crystal while Polycrystalline panels are composed of many types of crystals yet they are not as effective as the Monocrystalline ones.

The BP Solar Panels are now working on a multi crystal technology which will use many single crystals increasing the efficiency to manifold. Yet, they are reducing the cost by the use of Silicon along with these crystals.

BP Photovoltaic Solar Panels 3 Different Types 190W - 215W - 225W
BP Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Product Powers: 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 65W, 75W, 80W, 125W, 140W, 170W, 175W, 180W, 190W, 195W, 215W, 220W, 225W, 230W

Eco-Friendly Image

In spite of working such a ground breaking technology, the company is also working on improving its image as an eco-friendly manufacturer. It has spent millions of dollars on this purpose and the company is aware of the fact that the world will not last long if you go on using all the resources.

In addition to the Solar Panels, the company is also developing a Wind based technology. It is also a partner of the Fuel Cell organization of California. Fuel Cells are energy producing cells which use basic products like Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2-O2 Fuel Cells) to produce energy. Since no harmful product is included, the resultant is only water which is totally harmless. These Fuel cells are also efficient thus giving a hope for an alternative energy source.

Ease of using Solar Energy in the Modern World
Popular myths say that maintaining a Solar Panel is a headache. But these myths are not withstanding these days. Maintaining Solar Panels can be done even by a novice as they require very little or no work at times. The main reason for this is that the most common repairs like casing are replaced by the company itself and you wouldn’t have to do anything to rectify them.

Buying a BP Solar Panel will reduce the electricity bill in your houses as well as maintaining an Eco-Friendly environment. It you want to maintain a greener environment and protect it for your children, you will go with the BP Solar Panels.

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  1. I have a Photovoltaic panel on my boat could tell me what watts etc this is?
    B 79793 photovoltaic BP Panel
    # What watts is it
    # How mutch is a new one yours

    John Mustow

    • greenenergy says:

      I didn’t find this products details. Please check the name or number of your product.

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