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Choosing a Biomass Stove

All the fossil fuels in the world were initially biomass and they were transformed into oil, gas and coal by time and a lot of pressure from the environment. The prices of fuel have gone up over the years due to increasing costs of harvesting and processing oil and many people are forced to look for alternative sources of power for cooking and the biomass stove is the perfect alternative. There are biomass stoves that are manufactured specifically for heating or rather cooking. All of the biomass stoves are good but there are a few factors that one should consider before choosing a biomass stove.

Features of the Stove

All the biomass stoves are very efficient but there are some new stoves which have improved features that increase their efficiency and they also have good designs that are very attractive. These stoves can use different materials to heat and they will definitely lower the cost of your electrical bills to a minimum.

The previous stove designs produced a lot of smoke and they were not commonly used because of that. The new stoves that are being produced are designed in such a way that they suppress the smoke and produce only a small amount which is not that harmful to the environment.

Type of stove

When selecting a biomass stove to use in your home, you should choose a stove that can burn a variety of materials and not pellets only because there night be a shortage of pellets and the stove will be useless to you until they are available again. There are also some stoves which are operated by a computer chip and they are started using a power switch. They come very expensive but they are very effective because they have blowers which circulate hot air in the room they are placed and also they purge out ash every hour.

Effects on Environment and Efficiency

It is advisable to purchase a biomass stove which is environment friendly in that it doesn't pollute the air and the environment at large. The stoves being developed today are being manufactured using the latest technology in that they have catalytic combustors which burn off most of the smoke and polluting gases that are produced by the biomass like wood and saw dust when burned inside the burner. As these combustors burn off the pollutants, they increase the efficiency of the stove by up to 15% which is a very good figure.

The amount of Biomass Required to Function

It is also advisable to select a stove that consumes very little biomass and does sufficient work. Many of the biomass stoves available in the market are designed to use large amounts of biomass which is not a good feature. There are companies that have developed biomass stoves that use very little biomass and they function quite well.

You can browse the Internet to find the new stove designs and where you can be able to buy them in order to save time and energy going from store to store. You can also compare the prices at different stores so as to get a great deal when purchasing a stove to use in your home for heating and cooking.