Enercon's Wind Turbine Transformers

The Enercon Company began its journey to economic success in the year 1984 when an engineer known as Aloys Wobben founded the company. When the company was being established, it had only a small team of competent engineers who managed to develop their first ever wind turbine which had a rated power of about 55kW.

The first wind turbines developed by the company featured gear boxes which used to control the speed of the turbines depending on the strength of the wind but they later developed a new technology which they are using up to date.

Fewer Rotating Components

The new turbine technology operates using very few rotating components making their rotation to have very little friction and also to allow free flow of hydro power. This particular system is very efficient, reliable and its performance is exemplary.

This technology made the turbines to increase their power generation reduced the operating costs, mechanical stress, maintenance costs and it also increased the life of the turbines because of the reduced friction rate. The new technology has undergone major improvements over the years and today all of the turbines made by the company are based on this technology which is tested and certified.

Increased Power Production

The Enercon Company’s wind turbine technology has developed rapidly over the years and it now offers more powerful wind turbines which have larger blade lengths and can therefore produce more power. There are transformers which are found within the turbine which are used to transform the kinetic energy produced by the turbines when they rotate into electrical energy.

The transformers that were initially used by the company were a bit smaller and they could only convert small amounts of power but after the new wind turbine technology was developed, they had to include transformers having a higher conversion rate.

Wind Turbine Transformer and Wind Power

Conversion of Power

In wind turbines, there must be a transformer inside the turbine so that the energy generated by the turbine can be converted into useful electrical energy. The energy generated is usually in kinetic form which is not useful in that state and that is where the transformer comes in.

The transformer usually steps up the power generated by the turbine so that it can be transmitted to other locations. The small currents cannot be transmitted for long distances and therefore it is very necessary for it to be stepped up for transportation purposes. The transformer can be housed inside the transformer or it can also be installed separately but around the transformer.

Experience and Accomplishments

The Enercon Company has been setting standards in the wind generation industry for over 20 years now and they have a lot of experience and influence in the world market. The company's turbine installations features a state of the art grid feed system which meets the required standards and they can be integrated in any of the supply and distribution networks.

The company has installed over 9,000 wind turbines in over 30 countries all over the world. This fact makes it one of the biggest wind energy generators in the world. The company is dedicated to providing the world with alternative renewable energy.

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