Futuristic Benefits of Solar Roadways

Imagine a world where everyone has power, no more shortages, less dependency on foreign oil, great reduction in pollution and no more greenhouse emissions. And can you visualize a system that powers the whole world; one part of the world powering the other half of the world? This is the core functional value that has been placed upon the solar roadways project.

Envisioned from the example of an airplanes black box, researchers have been trying to find new innovative ways of reducing the excesses of global warming. The fact that solar energy is fast becoming the only options for power energy, finding a vast way of collecting as much energy that could be used to power the whole world, and reduce the effects global warming has on the world is a great invention.

What Are Solar Roadways?

The solar roadway is a road; a series of solar panels, structurally engineer to be driven upon. It is a revolutionary way of finding solutions to the petroleum based asphalt roads, and the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. The objective of the solar roadways is to be able to tap and store as much energy as possible to be used in homes and commercial places. In the heart of this project are the solar panels that collect this solar energy. One advantage of this project is that it is will enable the world cut down on greenhouse emissions by half.

This solar project is very much viable and it is believed that one it has been adopted worldwide it will be able to pay for the costs of the panel, creating a solar road that over time will pay for itself. Some of the beneficial factors of this type of road are that it may be possible to customize it depending on the region. For example, it can be added with a heating system, especially in countries that experience snow or ice and this will work to heat the surface to prevent the accumulation of snow. Furthermore, if LEDS is used to paint the road lines, lighting the road at night would be achievable.

Solar Roadway

Solar Roadways Panel Layers

For the project to work the solar panels must be made in three layers. There is the road surface layer that is rough enough to provide traction, electronics layers and the base plate layer. The surface layer is made of a translucent material of high strength so as to provide the right traction support yet still allow sunlight to pass through. It is weather proof and can be able to handle any heavy load pressed upon it. For this reason the electronics beneath it will be protected.

For the electronic layer, this contains a microprocessor board, support circulatory and control heating system. The work of the microprocessor is to control lighting, monitoring and communication systems. It is this layer that collects the suns energy to power the system. The work of the base plate layer is to distribute the power and data signals from the second layer and dispense it to homes and various business premises.

The solar roadways are an intelligent, decentralized futuristic solution that can greatly benefit the whole world. Any home connected to the system will receive the power and data signals that this project provides.

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