Generating Power from Wind Energy

Wind energy is power that is generated through harnessing the wind. For those who didn't know, wind energy is the fastest growing energy source worldwide. Many electricity companies are investing in wind energy generation because it’s a renewable and free source of energy. Wind is natural and nobody pays for wind energy. Wind is a great source of energy because it doesn't need maintenance and it blows every day and night.

Wind mill working methodology

Wind energy is produced by wind mills. Basically, the wind mills are a type of generator that converts kinetic motion energy into electrical energy, which is used in all our homes all over the world. According to scientists, air over the land heats up more faster than the air over the water. Therefore when warm air over the land rises, the cool air above the water rushes to replace it creating wind energy.

The wind then hits the blades of the wind mill making the wind mill to turn. The wind mills are fitted with an internal shaft that turns inside a generator to produce electrical energy. By spinning a magnet that is inside a coil of wires, the generator inside the wind mills is able to produce electrical energy. There is usually more than one windmill working to produce electricity in an area; this is called a wind farm.

The ratings and power generated

The wind mills/turbines generate electrical energy when the wind speed reaches about 10-miles an hour but this is not the rated maximum production of these turbines. At a wind speed of 25-miles an hour, the turbines generate at their maximum rated capacity; however when the wind reaches and exceeds a speed of 55-miles an hour the wind mills will automatically shut down. Wind speed varies with the location, time of day and the height of the windmill above the ground therefore a windmill should be placed in a breezy location away from obstructions, therefore enhancing its performance.

The modern wind mills are a bit noisy but you may never hear their sounds because those noises are masked by the wind blowing on the tree leaves and the windmill is situated more than 650 feet away from you. These turbines should be installed away from your house so that your neighbors do not complain of its noise.

Wind Power Generating

Wind turbine design

All wind turbines work independently and produce the same amount of power but the output of all the turbines are combined before entering the local electricity network or the country's National Grid. A wind turbine has four major parts: The foundation, which has to be strong so that it can withstand very strong winds and also support the weight and overall height of the rotor blades.

The tower is where all the electrical generation equipment is kept. The tower is the part which raises the equipment above the ground into the stronger winds. The nacelle is where the gearbox, generator and turbine parts are held. Wind energy is converted to kinetic energy by the generator inside the nacelle. The rotor has three blades attached to it and these blades are thoroughly tested to ensure they will withstand the worst weather conditions.

Interference does not happen

These turbines do not interfere with radio or television signals. The turbine blades are made of re-enforced glass epoxy, which is similar to fiberglass and are equipped with brush less generators that do not create any type of electrical disturbances. These turbines are therefore very safe to use. Each of the turbines is fitted with its own internal computer system that monitors the speed and direction of wind allowing it to set itself to operate automatically at a safe level. The turbine will shut down automatically if there is any damage to it.

Why wind energy should be used?

Wind energy generation is one of the best inventions for energy generation purposes because it does not emit the greenhouse gases and it has little to no environmental effects because it is a renewable source and can never run out. In fact, the development of wind farms has lessened the need to use fossil fuels for the generation of electricity thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The generation of energy using windmills/turbines is very environment friendly and should be adopted worldwide.

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