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Homemade Solar Panels

With the looming shortage of fossil fuels and the increasing electricity costs, it will be prudent to create own energy source. Homeowners will find using solar panels the best way to get their energy supplied without undergoing the hassles and high costs of buying fuels.

There are several types and kinds of solar panels in the market to choose from, however, these can at times be expensive. For this reason, the need to create own solar panels arises. It is fairly simply to create homemade solar panels which will help you save money that you could otherwise directly buy ready-made solar panels from the market.

How to create your homemade solar panel?

Solar panels offer free and renewable energy, an alternative that was previously seen as being inefficient. Some of the essential materials you will require to create a homemade solar panel include a rechargeable acid or lead battery, DC meter, 16 volt solar panel, battery box inverter, handheld drill and twelve volts. Cell batteries are most preferred as such are made to be used continuously.

DC meters will be helpful in converting the energy to a more usable form for home usage. The handheld drill will be used to create a connection between a DC meter and a DC input. You may also need to have connection wires which should be used in affixing the battery to the DC meter.

The wires will also be used to connect the solar panel to the storage battery. After making all these connections you will be good to go. The next thing that will be required of you at this point is to have the solar panel lid sealed. Then position your homemade solar panel at a point that it will get good exposure the energy source which is the sun.

Advantages of homemade solar panels

First, they are cost effective. They are cost effective in that you will only need a few tools and components to build a functional solar panel to source your energy. To install the homemade solar panels, you will be required to make some initial capital which is usually not that much. With the installation you will be able to forget about paying high electrical costs or buying fossil fuels whose prices are currently skyrocketing. The only cost that you may have to endure to make available the energy you so much need is for installation and maintenance of the solar panels.

Secondly, with the local utility and batteries used by homemade solar panels, you will be able to store energy that can be used in occasion when the power source like sun or wind is not enough to create energy. With the stored energy, you will be able to run your home normally without opting for other energy sources. The third benefit using homemade solar panels is that you will be helping on the conservation of the environment. This is because, solar power can be considered as eco-friendly as it does not emit any harmful components to the environment when it is being burned.

Disadvantages of homemade solar panels

One major disadvantage of homemade solar panels is their high cost of maintenance. With these panels, you will need to hire professional experts to make any repairs and other maintenance procedures that may be needed to make the solar panel functional.


It is relatively easy to come up with homemade solar panels which you can use to source energy for your different home uses including heating and cooking. The advantages of homemade solar panels overwhelm the disadvantages thus it is more beneficial to create your homemade solar panel than to buy a ready-made solar panel.