How Do Solar Hot Water Panels Work?

Solar Hot Water panels are cost efficient instruments which might be used to produce warm water in your house. Also, the instrument makes use of sunlight to produce hot water thus, saving electricity consumption. These are usually attached to the roof of the houses.

Defining Solar Hot Water Panels

The panels are the main part of the water heater which will collect the sunlight. Since they collect the sunlight, they are also termed as 'collectors'. These panels (Solar Energy Panels) can be used to power up many gadgets such as water heater, razors, light and fan. They are usually mounted at a fixed place and then connected with a battery such as a Lead Acid battery or a NICAD battery.

The electricity produced by the solar panel will be transferred to the batteries where they will be stored. Solar Power is very efficient because it will also eliminate the need for combustible energy sources that are polluting the environment.

Working of the panels

After the sunlight is absorbed, they are passed to the copper wires which are present inside the water heater. The copper panel will transfer the heat that it received to the water and then the water can be received through the pipes. If the water is not used, it will come back and get heated again when it is needed.

Heat will be spread inside the water container just like it does in a room heater. Also, the heating process can be controlled by a switch. So, the heat will be spread only when you need it. Until then, the energy will be stored in the battery so that you can use the heater even when there is no sunlight through the energy saved by the batteries. Generally, there are two methods using which the heat can be absorbed.

Solar Hot Water Panels

Methods of Solar Absorption

The first method is the common one in which a flat bed is used to absorb the sunlight. This type is very cheap and can be implemented easily. The second method is very new and innovative. It contains a holding panel which could hold many rounded absorbing plates. This will increase the amount of energy absorbed as well as saving time.

Advantages of Solar Panels

A normal solar heater will last a long time and could work up to more than 25 years without requiring much maintenance. If you choose to use Solar Water heaters, you will be given 30% tax credit in many governments as you are putting your step forward to promote alternative energy sources as well as keeping the environment clean.

Also, in this inflating economy, you need to save money as much as possible. Solar Water Heaters will help you to do that as they won't do any damage to your electricity bills. They also don't require any raw materials as the only raw material needed is sunlight which comes for free.

The solar water panels are useful in more than one possible way. So, give them a try and make your mark in saving the environment campaign.

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