How Many Solar Panels (PV) Do I Need To Power a House?

The number of solar panels that a home owner may need to power a house depends on a number of factors. The dimensions of solar energy that one may need depend on the quantity of watt hours that one intends to produce within a time limit of twenty four hours.

Set your Watt-Hours Goals

A watt hour is the measure of energy. It provides a means by which a home owner can determine the accurate solar generating capacity needed in a home because it reveals the electricity usage in a home. Therefore when trying to identify the amount of solar panels that you need to power a house, it is essential that you set and identify your watt-hours goal. It is a vital part of guesstimating the type of system needed and the accurate number of panels needed for your home.

For instance if homeowner needs to tie a solar grid so as to offset electricity bills, it is important to know the kilowatt hours that he or she uses over a given period of time such as a month. If the grid is not binding or not convenient, then it would be reliable if you generate your source of energy because the watt hours and KWH number become more crucial. It is very hard to determine the number of solar panels that will power a home if watt hours is not established.

Many people believe that a solar panel will produce a high amount of solar power during the day when the sun is shining bright. However not all the brightest hours counts the number of watt hours that is similar to previous days. When the sun's rays cannot hit the solar panel direct or the sun is low in the sky, then the panel will not produce enough energy to power a house. It is during such seasons that a home owner should identify a good position where the solar panel can receive powerful solar energy that can effectively power the house.

Solar Panels for Home

The solar power should be enough to offer a full worth count. The average insolation which is the amount of hours in a day that a solar panel produces enough energy varies from one location to the other and from one month to the other. The yearly average insolation will give a better opportunity where one can make accurate estimations on the number of solar panels needed to power a house. If one is interested in a whole year solar electric system, then the insolation value will provide a good and accurate estimate for the entire year. On other hand if one is interested in a seasonal insolation value, it should only be used within a specific period of the year or those specific months alone.

Solar Panel Power Calculation

Each Solar Panel Supply = MAX 150W / Per Hour
Average Power Consumption = 750W - 1500W / Per Hour
Total Panels = 1500 / 150 = 10 Solar Panel (150W)

Calculations of solar watts to determine the number of solar panels needed in a home

It is essential for a home owner to carry out calculations so as to produce the needed number of watt-hours. The first step is to divide the number of watt-hours you need to produce in a single within a specific month of the year by the insolation value. The next step is to allow normal energy losses and inefficiencies in a solar electric system.

This should be done systematically by increasing the number of watts that was achieved in step one by 30 percent. If the results show a high number of KW, then it is a clear indication that you will need more solar panels to power your home. A small number of KW may need one solar panel because the amount of power consumed in the house is relatively low.

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    How many Solar panel is required for 3 Fan and 3 CFL, as my home town get electric supply for 8 hours a day only.

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