How much energy can be saved by improving energy efficiency?

With global warming here with us and fuel prices ever increasing. It is high time for everyone to make an extra effort at conserving energy and the environment at large. The world would be a better and clean place to dwell in, if only everyone does his part in protecting and conserving the environment. If you follow global events, most likely you have heard about global warming and its effects. All it takes to make a clean environment is for everyone to become energy efficient with their power consumption and to conceive the environment.

To become energy efficient and save energy is really simple, be it at home or at the workplace. All that is required is just an attitude adjustment. This means people need to be consistent in whatever they do is critical. Make it a habit to be energy efficient together with family members and you will definitely cut power costs and save a lot of energy and money.

Electrical Appliances

For one, start by switching off all electrical appliances and lights when not being used. When possible unplug all appliances, because they continue to take up energy even when not turned on. Another way is to plug the appliances into a good power strip. Later you can switch off the strip once you are finished.

Light Bulbs

As for lighting, always use florescent light bulbs that have a low voltage. This usual last longer and consume less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. A research carried out in the United States revealed that, if every home would swap just one incandescent bulb in their homes for the florescent type, the megawatts saved would comfortably provide electricity to over 2.5 million house hold.

Energy Efficiency Bulp

Refrigerator and Showers

Avoid keeping the refrigerator open for long periods of time, because this consumes energy. Only open it when necessary and make up your mind on what you want before opening the fridge, instead of opening it and taking a lot of time to choose what you want. Also make your showers short, consider that it requires energy to heat the water you are using. Otherwise, install shower heads that are energy efficient and use little hot water but lets you still enjoy your shower.

Installing solar heating system panels on the roof top is also a good idea for heating the shower water. It is more cost effective and renewable energy that does not affect the environment compared to other sources of energy. Solar systems can also provide all the power needs of a home.

These are just of the few ways to be energy efficient at home or workplace, but if you are keen and do some more research you will find other better ways of saving energy. This will reduce your overall power cost and by taking these little steps you will be helping to conserve the environment. Applying energy saving measures will make a big positive difference in your monthly power bills during these hard economic times, where everyone is struggling to survive.

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