How to Build a Solar Power Windmill?

With the harsh economic period that is being witnessed in the entire world, it is important that you derive ways in which to handle this situation. It is believed that human activities have greatly contributed to the economic crisis as well as to the harsh climate conditions that have caused unpredictable weather conditions. This is because these human activities affect the environment thus to reduce these effects, it is good to consider some of the activities that are harmful. One such way to protect the environment is to use solar power windmill. This is possible in that it will save lots of energy as well as costs. It is possible to build solar panel on your own.

How to Build a Solar Power Windmill?

The first thing that you need to do is to plan your system. Here are some ways to attain this;

You need to plan your system: This is the initial step when it comes to building a solar power windmill. In this step, you need to know how much energy you consume on daily basis or per month and also look at the monthly bills. You also need to cut wasting electricity in that you have to switch off lights when not in use also ensure some of the electronics in your house are put on power strips. You the need to add the entire wattage used on daily basis and also the amount that is used by your appliances. This is advised in that you will know the exact output of solar power windmill that you need in your home.

With this information, you need to research the market so as to find out the available solar power windmills as well the price. In this case, look at the features of these windmills such as battery durability which is important in that it will help establish the amount of energy that will be saved. Consider a battery that saves energy in at least two consecutive days.

You also need to evaluate solar output as well as the wind speed. This in most cases has to be done with the location in mind. Consider the wind turbines diameter so as to know the right turbine and solar to opt for. You can decide to purchase a kit or Build a Solar Power Windmill on your own. This is a decision that you need to regard.

Windmill and Sun

Putting together the items

  • After you have determined what you need and shopped for the right products, it is time to build a Solar Power Windmill.
  • You need to install the solar panels on a designated place on your roof. This place should be where the sun hits so much. Consider the southwest facing side.
  • Erect windmill tower in a location where wind can easily reach the turbine blades without any form of hindrances from the environment. In order to boost performance, it is good to raise the tower.
  • Fix the turbine to the tower and during this process, ensure that the blades are of adequate length and that they have been pitched so as to catch prevailing wind and enhance free turning.
  • You then have to attach the windmill to a generator or alternator which is mandated to change wind power into electricity.

Finally, you have to wire the solar panels, generator as well as the battery to the electrical system. You need to be aware that the solar panels that you will install only generate electricity when light strikes onto them hence the amount of energy produced can vary from time to time. In case of temperature change, production of electricity will also be affected.

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