Learn More About Active Solar Heating

Solar heating is simply the act of collecting sun energy and storing it in form of heat. There are two types of this kind of energy collection: the passive solar heating and active solar heating. Briefly, passive system makes use of a passive ways of collecting and transferring of the sun energy. A perfect example for this is the greenhouses. The latter style of harnessing the sun heat involves collecting and at the same time transferring energy using what can be termed as active methods like using pumps and fans in the act of distributing the heat that is collected from the sun.

Active Solar Heating Collectors

Active solar heating collectors are made from silicon type of solar cells that are capable of absorbing the light of the sun. Usually, solar panels are used in this kind of energy collection by installing them on the roof of buildings. If that solar panel has many cells, it will have the capacity to harness more heat, hence more energy due to high solar radiation.

Generally, there are two basic types of solar heating. One uses liquid to collect and distribute heat while the other uses air for the same purpose. The liquid ones make use of water or a solution called antifreeze to collect and distribute heat. The air-based ones are further divided into two where one can either use transpired air collectors or air room heaters. Both are mainly used to heat rooms, only that they do so using different ways.

Active Solar Heating

When it comes to selecting a solar system that you will install at your home, you need to consider a number of things like the design and the energy needs of your home. The design will mean that you will go the one that can last long in terms of usage and when it comes to the energy requirements of your home, you will need to buy a solar system that produces energy amount that equals your needs. If your energy needs include lighting and heating, you will need a stronger solar system than compared to say one who only needs it for heating.

Active Domestic Solar Water Heating

Making use of active solar heating systems will reduce you electricity bills in a major way. This is because once you set up a solar system in your home, you will forget about paying such bills as you can use it for many things including lighting and heating purposes.

The other importance is that with them, you are guaranteed longer hours of power supply without blackouts. Since the system is controlled within your home unlike electricity, which can be affected by things like bad whether conditions, you will have a steady supply of energy for domestic use. This will however require you to install good energy collectors that are capable of harvesting the sun heat in great capacity and storing it for long. Getting good collectors will cost you a little more but the result will be worth it.

What Is Active Solar Heating?

Active solar heating is environmental friendly. Given the fact that global warming is a serious issue these days and with temperatures rising, you will for sure be using one of the most environmental friendly energy sources. Most countries especially in the developed world are rushing to reduce there energy consumption rates as a way of conserving the earth. One of the ways that some nations are contemplating is controlling the amount of energy a single household uses within a certain time. This means you will be restricted when it comes to energy matters in your home. You can simply avoid this by using green energy sources and one of them is active solar heating.

Using and installing them is not hard also as you can follow the manual provided or hire a technician at a cost. The important thing however is ensure that you follow state regulations regarding this kind of energy source.

As much active solar heating systems have a number of advantages, they do too have their downside. One of the common one is that the initial cost of setting it up is high. To get good quality energy, you need to go for those expensive equipments including solar panels that will enable you do the same. The other is that it is depends on a source of energy that is not available all year round. The sun is affected by seasons, meaning during winter, using it will be next to impossible. Also other areas do restrict its installation.

Selecting and Sizing a Solar Heating System

Its energy is not readily available in alternating current (AC). It can only be collected in direct current (DC) then converted to AC and in the process you lose like 12% of energy. Also, when it comes to the time for you to move out of your house, you will not easily move with it to the new location. You will have to leave it behind hence it is a loss.

You can weigh whether it will be worth it to have an active solar heating system in your home. After that, decide on buying it or not.

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