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MidNite Solar MNEAC20-2P AC Circuit Breaker

With unpredictable and sometimes unprecedented power surges that may lead to unimaginable destruction of property, it is very important for you as a building owner to have the necessary apparatus in place in case of any power short circuit or overload. One of the things that can help you with this is a circuit breaker as it detects flaws in the electric current flow and helps stop any damage. For those using solar energy, there are solar circuit breakers that you can buy and install at your building. There are a number of both AC and DC circuit breakers you can find in the market today and here is a review of some.

One of them is MNEAC20-2P, 20Amp 220 VAC din rail mount breaker, which works better in babyBox and also E-panels enclosures and it is designed to fit any kind of DIN rail. In stores today, you can find various types ranging from 10 to 60 amps. It is advisable that you pick the correct size when aiming to purchase as there are those of 13mm width and 26mm dual sizes.

The other type is the MidNite Solar MNEAC20-2P, 20 amp 220 VDC Din rail mount breaker, which is a direct current breaker. It comes with 150 volts and it can be used on almost any kind of DC application but it is commonly used with array combiners, which include ReadyWatt and outback Power. It is suitable for a building that uses direct current components and one can select from the many available in stores.

Technical Details

There are a number of advantages that come with circuit breakers especially when compared with fuses. One of them is that they are much easier to reset which also means you do not need to be replacing them as it is the case with fuse, and they come in small sizes.

Generally, circuit breakers are vital as they can help you avoid unexpected loses. It you wish to buy one for your solar applications, you can check and place your order at a very affordable cost.