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Photo-Electrochemical Cell Energy Conversion System

The use of photo-electrochemical cell is an ongoing process that is believed will make it possible to have a cheap, highly efficient way of converting the sun's rays into electricity. Its possibilities offers high levels of versatile potentials than the photovoltaic devices are offering currently. This has been made possible by the fact that the cell can use chemical products, generate fuels and produce electricity far much better the system being used today. This is a new invention that is being worked on extensively to find other efficient, less expensive ways of converting solar energy for normal operations. Much has been done already and the system is fast becoming known as the new solar cells that can work even in the dark.

Is the Photo-electrochemical Cell Effective?

Photo-electrochemical cell is a chemical system that can make solar energy conversions, store this energy and release it spontaneously when the need arises. The system is capable of converting the sun's rays into chemical or electrical energy in a direct manner. With even new improvements on the system an addition of electro-chemical storage capability means that the system can be able to store the energy it has converted for future use. This stored energy can be used continuously at night when the sun has gone down.

How the Photo-electrochemical Cells Works?

The physical set up of the system involves the use of light sensitive electrodes and a counter electrode which are immersed in a specific chemical solution. This cell is separated from the storage part of the device that constitutes a tin-sulfide electrode dipped in an alkaline solution. These two electrodes are usually joined together.

When light hits the chemical solution with the electro-chemical cell electrons will be forced to flow from the conversion side of the process to the storage part which then converts the energy into tin. To make use of the stored energy it has to be converted back into tin ions before it can be used, it does this during the night or when a certain level of darkness falls on the system. It is this continuous process that makes then system able to work regardless of whether it is dark or not.

There is much potential that can be gotten from using this system. For one it dispenses with the dependence on weather and time dependent energy as it has the energy storage capability and this will lead to increase in the utility of the energy and lower the price of energy fuels. Furthermore, unlike other types of energy conversion systems, the photo-electrochemical system has the potential to produce different types of fuel. Additionally, it does offer a way of producing clean fuels that have no harmful effects, whatsoever, on the environment.

The makeup of the system is very simple and requires no electronic switching. Furthermore, it does not have to be operated with a computer. Photo-electrochemical cell is a limitless source of energy that can be tapped for use in the long run and it is even less expensive than what is being used currently to make the solar energy conversion.