Significant Levels of Energy Pyramid Ecosystem

An energy pyramid ecosystem is the different levels that of nutrition that are witnessed on a daily living as to how energy from the sun is transported to the ecosystem. It is evidently clear that the sun is the main source of energy for all the living beings that are on earth. This includes human beings, plants and animals. Photosynthesis is one of the best methods that explain in detail the transfer of energy from the sun to the green plants which is then used in making food for these plants. The plants use most of this solar energy to carry out their daily life activities while the remaining energy is then passed to the following food chain level.

Plants (Consumers)

The energy pyramid ecosystem mostly depends on plants since without the plants then there would be no other way for energy to flow. The plants are therefore needed in plenty so as to ensure that the solar energy that is being transmitted from the sun is completely used up so as not to harm all the others in the different levels of the ecosystem. The whole of human life depends on the plants and this is why it is important to ensure that the environment is well taken care of so as not to harm the plants.

Herbivores (Primary Consumers)

The other very important level in the energy pyramid ecosystem is the primary consumers level which consists of the herbivores. These are animals that depend solely on the plants for their survival. These primary consumers are given the energy that the plants have generated from the sun and this allows the solar energy to be transported from one level to another. Although human beings do not totally depend on the primary consumers, it is very important for this level to be in the ecosystem so that it can function normally.

Energy Pyramid Ecosystem

Carnivores (Secondary Consumers)

The other level of the energy pyramid ecosystem is the secondary consumer level and they are commonly referred to as the carnivores. These are animals that depend on the primary consumers for their daily living. Without this level then the carnivores will not exist because they would not have anything to eat.

Here the energy that was given to the herbivores from the plants is now taken to this level and this allows the smooth transportation of the energy for effective use. There are different percentages of energy that are given to different ecosystem levels depending on the amount given to the plants.

Tertiary Consumers

The tertiary consumer level is the last level in the energy pyramid ecosystem. This is the level of the secondary carnivores which feed on both the primary consumers and the secondary consumers. This is whereby the energy level of the ecosystem comes to an end. The energy that is usually not taken up by the plants usually goes back to the surrounding which include the soil, the oceans, the atmosphere and then it is usually emitted to the outer space. It is highly important for all the different stages of the ecosystem to get enough energy as required so as for the earth to be stable.

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