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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems are a type of solar energy. These days we are all looking for renewable sources of energy and these solar thermal systems may be at least part of the solution. The sun has been producing energy for billions of years and without it we would not exist. Throughout history we have been able to harness the energy of the sun to help us in other ways and in recent years there have been some amazing innovations.

This increased interest in finding ways to use the suns energy is vital because our energy requirements have never previously been so high and we are struggling to meet this need. Solar energy might just be a way that we can satisfy our needs for energy without it destroying our planet and ourselves in the process. Solar thermal systems are just one way that we can use the sun to help with our energy requirements.

What is Solar Thermal Systems?

Solar thermal systems use the energy provided by the sun to create heat. All of us are aware of the suns ability to create heat so it makes sense that we should try and benefit from this any way we can. Solar thermal systems can be as simple as solar cooker to something far more powerful.

Solar Thermal Systems Tips

If you want to benefit from this new technology you will probably be eager to hear some solar thermal systems tips. In the following section we will be examining some examples of the different devices that are available. A good tip would be for you to consider how you could make use of these devices in your home; you can then go on to consider the benefits of making more use of solar thermal systems. Here are just some of the devices you will find available;

- Solar Hot Water Systems. These are already very popular in some countries like Australia, Israel, and Japan. It involves using the thermal energy from the sun to heat water which can then used in the home. This is not a new idea but nowadays we can create a really effective system that will supply most of our hot water needs.

- Solar Powered Heating. The aim of solar powered heating is to reduce your fuel bills by helping you keep your home warm using the sun. In many instances the solar powered heating will come with a backup system but the sun can produce a significant amount of the heat needed.

- Solar Thermal Towers. This is an innovative way of turning power into energy using the thermal properties of sunlight. The solar thermal towers work by receiving heated air that is usually created by a type of mirror. As the hot air accumulates in the tower it acts like an exhaust pipe and the movement causes turbines to also move which can then produce electricity.

- Solar Thermal collector. This is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. The solar thermal collector can be used in many different ways; for instance solar thermal towers will often use these to produce heat. They can also be used to create heat for the home by heating a water tank.

- Cooking with a Solar Cooker. These days there are a number of different devices that use sunlight to cook food. Cooking with a solar cooker can allow you to save money on energy and will also allow you to do your bit for the planet. Once you purchase your solar cooker you can then look forward to free cooking with no fuel bills.

- Solar Pool Covers. The great thing about solar pool covers is that they not only prevent heat from escaping from your swimming pool but more importantly they absorb thermal energy that can then be used to heat your pool. You save money and have nice warm water to swim in as well.

- Solar Drying. This can be used to dry and preserve food crops. Solar drying is not a new thing; in fact we have been doing this for thousands of years in some parts of the world. There are many different devices that have been created for solar drying including some modern innovations.

- Solar Thermal Cooling. It might sound a bit strange to claim that you can keep your home cool using thermal cooling but this is being used around the world. Solar thermal cooling uses a thermo-chemical process to provide air conditioning; thus saving people a lot of money and allowing them to escape the outside heat.

- Solar Absorption Cooling Systems. This type of system absorbs thermal energy and then uses this to operate a cooling system. This means that we can even run refrigerators off the thermal energy created by the sun. In order words not only can the sun be used to warm things up it can also be used to cool things down as well.

- Solar Cogeneration Energy Systems. The great thing about Solar Cogeneration Energy Systems is that not only do they produce energy but they also produce useful heat that can be utilized as well. This type of efficient system is becoming very popular and will help us in our attempts to reduce costs and save the planet.

- Evacuated Tube Collectors. These tubes are a way to achieve very high temperatures from direct sunlight. Evacuated Tube Collectors are most frequently used by larger buildings as they are probably bit too expensive for the average homeowner. Because the tubes are able to create such high temperatures it means that they are very useful.

Solar Thermal System Benefits

As you can see there are a lot of options when it comes to the things we can do with the thermal properties of the sun. Of course all of these different devices would be of no use if there weren't some solar thermal system benefits. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect;

- The sun is not likely to run out of energy any time soon and when it does we won't have to worry about energy anymore anyway because we won't be here.
- A solar thermal system is much greener and so we can feel that by using these devices we are doing our bit to protect the environment.
- Although it can cost a bit of money to get some of these devices initially they can later lead to great savings.
- Using these systems means saying goodbye to many of our household bills.

Solar Thermal Technology

Although solar thermal power has been used by humans for thousands of years it is only relatively recently that we have really begun harnessing its potential. It is likely that we will continue to improve the technology and find many more uses for thermal energy from the sun. At the moment there is a huge demand for this type of technology so some great minds are focused on this enterprise.

The Future of Solar

Maybe one day we will be able to get most of our energy requirements this way; although it is more likely that solar energy will be part of the solution rather than the whole solution. The reality is though that we need this type of energy because we know that the oil based fuels are dwindling and this is likely to eventually lead to a crisis.

Solar Thermal Financing

The fact that we need to find new sources of energy has won a lot of support around the world. Some countries are so eager to reduce their reliance on oil that they will help people who are changing to alternative renewable energy sources. This means that where you live there may be money available as a loan or as a grant.