Solar Hot Water System Components

Most homeowners are advised to invest in solar systems as these have been found to be more cost effective than other sources of energy. For the solar hot water system it has the ability to collect more energy without increasing the cost of utility use yet they are more effective. Furthermore, the collectors located within the hot water solar system are able to produce the energy that it has drawn from the sun in an efficient manner. The benefits that come with this system can be felt for a long time due to the fact that the system can be used for long term usage with less maintenance.

There are more than one type of solar hot water system today and each of these systems have components that make them function as well as they do. Most of these types of systems are simple in their features and functional abilities, more reliable and have long lasting quality to them. When it comes to choosing the right system to use for home purposes, there are a lot of things that have to be considered and one of them is often the components of each system as this may determine the kind of function that the system will be able to play.

That means that one has to have the basic knowledge of the kind of components that are to be expected in any simple hot water system. However, it is good to note that not all of the components can be found in all of the systems available.

There are certain basic solar hot water system components that are more common in the systems than others. The components that an individual can find with any of the solar systems include the solar collectors, collector mounting system, water pump, heat exchanger, controls and much more. It is not such a hard task to know a few thing about these components since one does not have to go to the intricate and technical aspect of each component.

Solar Hot Water System Collector
Solar Hot Water System Collector

Solar Collectors

These are also called solar thermal panels and their main function is to help heat the water. It is made up of pipes that allow cold water to pass through as it is being heated. There is a wide variety of these solar panel collectors in the market today and they come in a variety of sizes.

Collector Mounting Systems

These are more of mounts and racks and it comes in three very common types, roof mounts, awning mounts and ground mounts. Collector mounting systems are used to mount collectors in area that they can be able to effectively draw in more of the suns energy. The roof mounts are often the cheapest kinds of collector mounts and are often placed above the roof, as the awning mount attached vertically on a wall.

In the case of the ground mounting systems these can be placed on four posts on the ground and they work well when there are issues relating to weight that make it impossible to use any other kind of mounting system. These mounts have to be tilted in the appropriate direction for them to work effectively. All of these collectors have to be placed in areas that have plenty of sunshine at all times, especially during those times of the day when the sun is hot.

Solar Hot Water System Water Pump
Solar Hot Water System Water Pump

Water Pump

These are best used in active systems as they function to circulate water between storage tank and the solar collector. When it comes to choosing the appropriate pump to use it all depends on the size of the system that is to be used in. it is also affected by the height of the collector to the storage tank as well as the distance between the two. Therefore, the pump has to be one that can be able to pump water according to the distance and height of the storage tank and the collectors.

Heat Exchanger

These are used mostly with closed-loop solar water systems and are made up of the internal and external heat exchangers. The internal exchangers are located inside the component and are not visible from outside. With the external heat exchangers these are more of pipes within pipes where the solar fluid and the water flow in opposite directions of the other and the heat exchanged within the pipes.

Solar Hot Water System Control Unit
Solar Hot Water System Control Unit


The work of the control is to ensure that the system is functioning well by switching parts of the system for maximum results. There are two types of controls, a differential thermostat controller and a PV-powered pump. Each of these has its own systems in which they work best. Not all systems require the controller for them to work effectively. In the case of the batch heater system most of the energy is controlled by the pressure that is applied by the water. For other systems the energy is controlled by the rising of the heat in the system.

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