Solar Light Tubes

An average person spends up to 90% of their life indoors. This is not anymore, with the invention of a solar light tube, one can now get sunshine into their homes, offices and buildings for day lighting. Solar light tubes are sun tubes and as the name suggests they use natural sunshine energy to light buildings. These are tubes used for transport or distribution of natural light in a location thereby minimizing the loss of light (controlled light leakage).

These tubes are ideal for bringing light from the sun to small dark spaces where natural light is unlikely to reach. This is a skylight alternative. Unlike skylights or roof lightings which are hard to install, a solar tube refracts, and reflects and concentrates solar light into one corner using mirrors and lenses; all assembled into one gadget.

Solar Light Tube

Solar Light Tube Efficiency

These tubes have been internationally certified by their ability to increase the home lighting efficiency by 40% with an expected lifespan of 25years! They produce an equivalent of up to 40waat fluorescent tube. So what makes them so efficient?

First is their structure in which the tubes are cylindrical evacuated to absorb the heat from the sunshine. They have a surface area that is perpendicular to the sun for easy absorption of light. Inside the tube is a vacuum between the two layers of glass to act as an insulator. This helps them perform even in cold weather Sunshine from a tube. Besides being able to withstand varying temperatures; they are also wind and freezing resistant. Most of them are also easy to install and one can do it in a couple of hours.

They are also eco efficient in that they produce no emissions. Their health benefits also include the fact that they don't cause eye strain and they improve our sense of well-being as well as other benefits of natural light like slowed growth of mild dew and mold. Sunlight also causes our brains to produce more from its mood lifting chemical; serotonin.

Solar Light Tube on the Roof

Uses of Solar Light Tubes

If used correctly, these lights will provide free high quality and less heated energy in areas that need constant lighting, efficient for lighting hallways and in architects and designers projects, schools, businesses and office areas for day lighting. This sunshine from a tube can be used in residential and commercial buildings. In the home, this is a natural way to bring natural light to living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, attics and walking closets. Tubular skylights are also known to be beautiful in its different beautiful glass creations.

A solar powered garden is a beautiful sight to behold. This is where all types of garden lights are used with changing colors to create a scene. Some also use the solar lights for lighting Christmas trees and driveways. Using different shades and colors with additional animals will give a beautiful tropical garden.

Solar Light Tube and Room Ceiling
Solar Light Tube and Room Ceiling

Solar light tubes are a fantastic lighting for tunnels which would be dark without them. This involves more complex contractual work involving the use of sun tunnel tubular sky lighting that brings light into dark underground tunnels in railways and bus tunnels.

Indeed life in the dark has been made possible with solar light tubes. As technology advances, surer uses and inventions of the product are bound to suffice. Sunlight is indeed life, if life can be brought into the home through solar tube lights, then everyone needs to get a solar tube light into their homes. Using natural lighting will not save the world millions of dollars and energy but it will bring back life.

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  1. Arthur says:

    Im based in Malaysia and India, Kolkata. do you have outlets about solar light tubes in those countries? I am a proeperty developer with intent to keep it green and clean.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  2. Jamil Amin says:

    I am building a new bungalow and will like to find a dealer for solar light tubes

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