Solar Panel System Components

Solar Panels are increasing in number these days. This is mainly due to the decrease in the stocks of Oil and other current sources of electricity. People are becoming aware of the fact that one cannot survive without alternative energy sources. So they are putting in their effort to support systems like Solar Panels.

Making use of Solar Power
Solar Power is one of the naturally occurring energy sources of the planet. There are lots of advantages in using the natural energy sources because they are pollution free, easily obtainable and they are also renewable.

If you wondering how the simple sunlight is converted to electricity then you will be less than amazed to realize that the process is very straightforward. Basically, all you need is a cell which converts sunlight into electrons and that cell is called as the Photovoltaic cell.

Components of a Solar Energy System

In order to construct a solar energy conversion system in your home, you would need four main components namely the Solar Panel, Batteries, Charge Controller and the Inverter. Let us see in brief about all of these components.

Solar Panel - A Solar Panel is usually the starting point of the whole process. It looks like a large dish which is kept in your roof or in other places exposed to the sunlight. It contains an array of the photovoltaic cells which work in union to absorb sun light. The sunlight is scientifically termed as the Photons. These photons are absorbed by the Panel and are stored in the form of solar electricity. Normally, these panels are capable of storing up to 12 volts of DC current.

The Solar Panel also contains some amount of silicon in it. When the sunlight falls on the panels, it gets converted to solar electricity but if it has to be used for constructive purposes, it needs to have a positive charge and the silicon is responsible for providing that. So, you could say that the panel has no actual use without the element of Silicon in it.

Solar Panel System Components - Solar Power Components
Solar Panel System Components

Batteries - The second important part needed for the functioning of Solar Electricity are the Batteries. The energy produced by the panels has to be stored somewhere so that they can be used in a latter time. Thus, the batteries come into play. These Batteries are normally standalone like car batteries and can store the 12 volts DC voltage produced by the panel.

Charging Controller - As the name suggests, this device is used to control the charging process on the battery. This is needed because if the battery gets over charged, it might not work properly. At the same time, it should not be undercharged as well. This device is attached in between the line connecting the panels and the battery.

Inverter - The input obtained is only of 12 volts DC supply but one needs around 120-140 (200 - 220) AC supply for all our appliances. So, the need of an Inverter which will convert the DC supply into AC making it useful for the domestic purposes arises.

In addition to these four main parts, there are other accessories such as wires and connectors used for the construction of a solar cell.

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  1. Solei says:

    This is a nice overview of the basic elements of every home solar system. One can avoid using the battery and use the power directly for recharging consumer electronics if needed, but it is always the best practice to have it on all the time.

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