Solar Pool Blankets

If you are building a new house, a swimming pool is a cool luxury to have. You can enjoy the feel of water rushing through your body everyday if you have a pool inside your house. This is applicable if you live in California or Las Vegas but what if you are living in those cursed northern regions? You will be able to enjoy the pool for only three months maximum and for the rest of them time, it is going to be frozen solid. So, is that a valid investment?

Just because you won't use the swimming pool for a longer time does not mean that you can't use it. With the application of technology, anything and everything is possible today. A pool heater is what you need in these situations to make your pool hot and warm. Imagine that, a cold winter day and a bath in a hot, warm pool! That is the dream isn't it?

There is also an option for you to get these heaters without any electricity and wire problems. Since this is a water pool that we are talking about, electricity is a dangerous thing here. Even a small wrong wiring could pose a death threat to your life as water conducts electricity. So, solar powered pool blankets are the best heating devices for a pool.

Solar Pool Blankets

Working of Solar Pool Blankets

Unlike conventional heaters, the working of solar blankets is different. While heaters heat the water and make them evaporate, blankets keep the water intact and prevent it from evaporating. The blanket is transparent and it allows sunlight to enter the water and heat it up. It also contains bubbles in its surface because that will allow more sunlight to enter the water as well as preventing the heating up of the actual surface.

The material used in the blanket

The material which is used to make the blanket has to be made up of something which is UV resistant so that the sunlight won't spoil its nature. Also, it has to be resistant against chemicals so that it won't get affected by the chemicals like chlorine used in the pool. Generally, the blanket will come in a larger size and you can easily cut it with a knife to custom fit your pool.

Solar Pool Blanket Small Design

There are two types of blankets - above ground and below ground. You can apply the blanket above or below the pool using the respective blankets. You can easily roll the blanket and store them in a dark, cool area. There are pouches which are made especially to store the blankets and they are available in the market.

Solar heating blankets are efficient and cost affordable methods of heating your pool. You can choose the simple blankets that are more complex solar collectors to heat your pool. From now on, there are no more restrictions to you. You can enjoy the warmth of a swimming pool like everyone does from now using these brilliant devices.

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