Solar Power System Parts

Solar system parts are turning to be popular fixtures in most homes and this is largely attributed to the fact that they are environment friendly and at the time, enable users to save money. There are several parts that aid in the efficient running of these systems and by learning about them; it becomes easier to learn more about how your solar system operates and maintain it in the proper working condition.

Solar Power System

Replacement 12v Solar Pump: This is designed to fit into existent solar fountain systems. It is responsible for ensuring that the continuous flow is maintained. An ideal fountain should range between 24 to 48 inches in length and it should be measured from the top of the fountain. When buying your system, it is advisable to buy a 12v solar pump replacement kit as well. Due to the continuous use of these pumps, they eventually wear out and it is ideal to have a replacement kit handy for use when needed. It is important to note that most of these are compatible with all fountains and it can be used in your DIY projects.

Solar Cells: These are often manufactured from silicone largely because it is readily available and secondly because it is atomically right for solar cell life. Different silicone atoms are bonded together to create a strong crystalline solid that makes it easy for the solar cell to perform perfectly. However, it is also ideal to note that for the silicon to work properly, it must be sandwiched between a silicon/ boron layer and a silicon/phosphorus layer.

Charge Controller: This is another important solar system part that most people find the urge to invest in. It regulates the amount of electricity that passes through the solar panel battery. Without this controller, it is pretty easy for the batteries to be damaged due to overcharging. There are different types of controllers.

Solar Power Charge Controller

Come work by disabling the flow while others work by directing the current to the auxiliary load. Most of the 12 volt panels are able to put out at least 16 to 20 volts. This is attributed to the fact that the required sunlight conditions are not present and most solar panels are made with this issue in mind.

If you find yourself wondering if you need this controller or not, you should note that the answer to this varies. This is because if the panel only puts out a minimal percentage of the stipulated battery capacity you should not get the remote. The best way to decide if you need to invest in this remote controller is by establishing if your panel puts out 2 watts or less for every 50 battery charging hours.

Roll up screens: If you would love to lower your energy usage and at the same time protect your furniture and walls from fading due to harmful rays of the sun, then you should consider investing in roll up screens. They come with the option of rolling up the screens when you do not want to use them. In addition to this, there are others that make it easy for you to set the right privacy conditions. This is done by choosing a screen that is able to provide excellent outward visibility while ensuring that daytime privacy is kept in check.

130 Watt Solar Panels: These are considered to be important parts either for use in the RVs or homes. There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing these parts to ensure that you buy the right ones. For starts, all solar panels are rated in accordance to the watts they deliver and for this reason; you need to buy one that meets your needs.

Solar Power Panel

To determine this, you should multiply the watt of the device you need to use with the number of hours you intend to use it. By adding these numbers, you will be able to determine the average number of watts you need to use in a day. In addition to this, you should also consider other factors such as placement of the panels and the size of the panel, which can either be single crystal, thin film or polycrystalline. When buying panels, it is advisable to start off by investing in a 130 watt panel and then add more panels later when the need arises.

Solar Shingles: Investing in solar shingles is one of the major ways of transforming your home into the most efficient and ultra home. These are not only important for performing the duties carried out by roofing material but they also aid in harnessing solar energy into your home.

Female Cigarette Lighter Adapter: This is often used as a flexible solar power system accessory. They are also considered to be the latest developments in the field of solar technology. The main purpose of this adapter is to charge different types of batteries.

Some of the things that you can charge using this adapter include; CD players, camcorders, laptops and phones. It is also ideal to note that there are other devices that can be plugged into this adapter. These include some standard chargers such as battery trickle chargers.

These are just some of the solar system parts in the market. In essence, the list of these parts is endless. Since the solar system is able to aid you in several ways, it is advisable to ensure that you take your time when making your purchases for the same.

If there is something that you do not understand, it is advisable to consult with an expert in this sector. Always, make sure that you buy the right parts to perform the right job. When shopping, make sure that you understand the category of the product you are looking for to ease your work of locating it.

Where to Buy These Parts?

When you want to invest in solar system parts, there are several avenues from which you could make your purchase. This ranges from your local solar panel dealer to online store. The advantage associated with shopping online is the fact that you get the opportunity to carry out some thorough research and ensure that you get a dealer who is selling these parts at a considerable price.

In addition, it also provides the opportunity to browse through a wide selection of solar power system parts to ensure that you find what you are looking for.

Before you shopping however, it is advisable to ensure that the dealers have authentic parts. This can be done by reading some customer reviews and consulting people who have bought these parts before. It is important to ensure that this is done since it is the only way to get 100% guarantee that the parts will not end up as default parts after a short duration of use.

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