Solar Powered Windmill

Solar and Wind power are two of the very best natural resources of energy. But both of them have their own disadvantages. Solar Energy won't work without sunlight and wind energy won't work without wind. So, in order to overcome these disadvantages, a combination of both these energies is applied in the Solar Powered Windmill.

Coal and fossil fuel are still the most used energy sources of the world. But if you start to use alternative energy sources, you might balance the over-use of energy. Also, most of the alternative energy sources are eco-friendly and are renewable.

Solar Powered Windmills are nothing but windmills that use solar energy. So, you could classify this setup as a subsidiary of solar energy because the windmills are dependent up on sunlight to produce energy.

How does this work?

Basically, the solar cells or panels are attached to the windmill so that the sunlight falls on them. After gathering the sunlight, the electrons flow through the windmill causing it to rotate (Motor). The shafts of the windmill rotate and congregate the kinetic energy of the wind.

Then the process of producing electricity becomes rather obvious. The shafts are connected to the electricity generator which will absorb the current and supply it to the appliances. The shafts are attached with photovoltaic solar cells which will convert more than 30% of the sunlight to electricity. You can use different types of solar cells to rotate the shafts.

Solar Powered Windmill Prototype
Solar Powered Windmill

Why is this needed?

First of all, you should know that the windmills are totally useless in an area where there is no wind. So, it is completely dependent on the climatic conditions. One day there might be wind and the other day there won't be. But if it has to be a comprehensive energy source, it shouldn't be that dependent. Solar energy on the other hand isn't that efficient. No matter how many cells you use, it will only produce energy in the region of 12 Volts DC current. So, Solar cells are useful for domestic purposes but when it comes to Industrial areas, they are just not enough.

So, both these systems have drastic backdrops when it comes to large scale production. The idea of integrating them together will make them useful in industrial areas.

How to integrate the two systems?

The Solar cells can't produce enough energy to power the entire industry but they can produce enough energy to rotate the shafts of the windmill. So, when you attach the solar panels on top of the windmills, they will absorb the sunlight and rotate the windmills and you wouldn't need any wind at all. Then, the windmills can produce large amounts of AC supply and they will transfer them to the generator.

From the generator, necessary energy can be transferred to the appliances. By this way, you could integrate Solar and Wind Energy and eliminate their respective backdrops. This system is very useful in large scale industrial areas for producing high amounts of energy without polluting the environment. It could be the technology for the future.

6 Responses to " Solar Powered Windmill "

  1. Ronaldo says:

    This has to be one of the least thought out blogs I have come across. No, solar panels don’t put out 12VDC, they put out from 24 to 56VDC. Obviously you have not researched this at all. And there are single panel inverters that convert the DC to 120VAC, which is useful everywhere in the U.S. And the very idea of using solar panels to turn windmills to turn generators is patently ridiculous. You have the panels connected to inverters to get 120VAC with minimal loss. Your way, you would have at a minimum 20% loss driving the windmill followed by another 20% loss getting electricity from the attached generator. Go back to the drawing board and think this through once again.

  2. Melissa Pena says:

    I am a science teacher in Texas. I came across your blog while doing research. One of my students actually created a miniature solar powered windmill for his science fair project and I thought it was really neat. Just wanted to share.

    • Lynda says:

      I need a solar powered or wind powered windmill to keep a hole open in my fish pond over the winter. Does anyone know where this could be purchased? Are they effective?

  3. farmer Bill says:

    I would like to implement a solar powered windmill for an irragation purpose why should this not be productive

  4. Sharvari says:

    I have made a solar power model of a windmill and have to showcase it in an exhibition. I have made it work in the heat of a bulb, but my teacher has asked to make it work on a torch . So, please guide me on how to charge it. Will a torch produce the same haet as a bulb to make its blades move?
    Please guide and tell me as early as possible.

  5. Patel Tirth says:

    its awesome i made a solar powered windmill and it works

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