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The Two Major Methods of Solar Heating

Solar heating is the process in which the collected solar heat is converted into heat that can be used for other purposes such as hot water, generation of thermal energy to power appliances at home, light up buildings, heat the swimming pool water and many other useful purposes.

Solar heating has greatly grown to a point where it is termed as a financial benefit because it is very economical to use. It is widely used in homes, hospitals, learning institutions and different business premises. There are two major methods of solar heating which are; active solar heating and passive solar heating.

Active solar heating

This involves a process where the liquid or air in the collector is intensively heat to produce solar energy. Once the heating has occurred the solar collector will transfer the contents in the collector into the building, the storage area or the any other location from which it can be used. The system of solar heating is simple and yet effective.

Installation of an active solar heating equipment and the system uses either liquid or air system to produce heat. Air heating system uses duct system to produce heat while liquid system utilizes water to capture and transfer heat that has been gathered by solar collectors.

Passive solar heating

The method greatly relies on the design of the plate it is going to heat so as to generate solar energy. With this method of solar heating, the general structure of the location determines a specific and convenient location from which the heat will be collected, and moreover how the heat will be distributed effectively.

In passive solar heating the building components are effectively maximized to collect store and distribute the solar heat and energy and the produced heat smoothly flows by a natural means of radiation, convection and conductance. Therefore it does not require any form of mechanical equipment to transfer the generated heat. One feature with passive solar heating is that relies on the buildings structural design and material selection in order to reduce cooling of the solar heat.

A necessity for the two methods

In both methods a solar heating device known the solar furnace is used whereby it traps the powerful rays of the sun and utilizes it to produce very high temperatures in order to create enough heat and solar energy. The solar furnace provides concentrated and great solar energy to be used to be for a wide variety of home purposes. The most common purposes from which the generated energy can effectively perform include melting rocks and steel objects, producing hydrogen fuel and generation of electricity.

Solar heating is very beneficial and economical because solar power or energy is created from a very natural source. Even if a solar plant is constructed it is still economical to use because, the sun will always be there and one can collect a lot of solar energy. Solar heating from a solar plant is much more efficient and eco-friendly and be widely used to generate electricity for useful purposes at home and outside your home. Solar heating across the world has helped many people to save money and has helped to conserve the environment.