Unusual Ways to Use Active Solar Heating

Warmth is a necessity for both plants and animals' well-being. It is mainly achieved through heating of fuels like propane, electricity and oils such as paraffin. These fuels are often very expensive and one may not be able to cope with the high cost of power during winter. A cheaper solution is the use of active solar heating systems. Active solar heating is the use of the power from the sun to provide heat. You can reduce your energy bills by using active solar heating in the following ways:

Purchasing a solar water heater

All kinds of duties that require warm or hot water like for your laundry, bathing and dish washing can now be comfortably done. You will considerably reduce your power bills and will not have to be worried about the high cost that you might have to meet at the end of the month.

Getting your lighting on the solar timer

This is a mechanism that taps on the sun's rays during the day and converts to energy used in lighting at night. It does not have sudden power offs as you can determine the amount of power that is available for use. The only requirement is solar energy which should be regular otherwise the active solar heater will go off.

Keeping the house warm

During winter, there is need for power to warm the house as it becomes extremely cold hence the importance of active solar heating. You will not have to inflate your electricity bills while trying to get warm as the sun's rays are absolutely free.

Ways to Use Active Solar Heating

Using solar powered batteries

Equipment used every day could use solar power instead of oil or AC power. These include mobile phone, flashlight, radio, iron box, laptop and television. Connect your equipment to use batteries recharged by solar energy. This will save you the cost of AC power for these ever used equipment.

Using active solar heating to run the air conditioners

They are one of the main culprits that make your energy bills swell because they are frequently used almost daily. These conditioners that use solar energy are more efficient as they use batteries if the sun is not available. These batteries can also be solar charged to minimize on the cost. If you connect an active solar heating system to your air conditioner's wiring then you have considerably reduce the cost of energy.

Making use of water purifiers that use solar energy

Everyone needs clean water for use in the home. Buying bottled water is both cumbersome and costly but installing filtration equipment that is solar powered saves you the trouble and the cost of shopping for bottled water.

Solar powered cooker

There are stoves that use solar energy. If you are having a hard time with the cost of the bills incurred in cooking then your problem will be sorted out by the stove. It is as efficient as any and environmental friendly.

Running of ceiling fans

You do not need to worry about the amount of power used by the ceiling fans anymore. You can have the fans as long as you want if you connect the power of your fan to the active solar heating system.

Active solar heating is convenient for all the daily house, business and official routine. It saves one from the conflicts with the utility companies, the malicious power rations, the sometimes too high costs due to recession or inflation and more so saves on energy usage. It is also environmental conserving as one does not have to put up with soot and noise associated with other sources of power.

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