What is Green Energy?

Perhaps the simplest way to explain green energy would be to term it as power that is produced in a manner that allows our planet to keep smiling. Energy in any form has somewhat remained a necessary evil for man because its production usually results in some form of pollution as a by-product. This is especially so in the case of fossil fuels which come with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide attached on their expensive price tag. However, what separates green energy from other kinds of energy, is the ability to keep away pollution during production to a bare minimum or better yet, an absolute zero.

The main source of green energy is the sun which provides solar energy. Other types of green energy include wind, geothermal, hydro power all of which can be produced without the emission of greenhouse gases. A controversial member of this list is nuclear energy since just a small amount of nuclear fuel can be used to humongous amounts of energy without the emission of any greenhouse gases. However, the resultant by-products are highly lethal making it an unfavorable option in the eyes of many.

Energy is not only made green by the environmentally friendly way in which it is produced; how it is used is just as important. In the area of green energy technology, advancements have made possible architectural design that would make any tree hugger proud. From green buildings that have the ability to stay cool during the day and keep warm at night without any help from air-conditioners or heaters to covering an office building with solar panels that fully cater for the power needs of the businesses inside; the possibilities seem endless.

Green Energy World

Due to our uncanny dependence on fossil fuels, some focus has also been put in finding cleaner ways to produce energy from them with minimal harm to the planet. All in all green energy is yet another way that man is using to save himself and planet Earth from, well, himself.

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