Which Is Better? Geothermal or Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is basically a method in which heating of domestic water is done by solar heating panels. The panels are normally fixed in the top of the roof or mounted on the ground depending on the geographical location of your house. Solar systems comprise of solar thermal collectors, pipes and fluid system that will move the heat from the collector to the tank and a water storage tank. This system of water heating is natural and economical in the sense that it generates energy direct from the sun which is a natural resource.

Geothermal heating on the other hand involves the use of generated geothermal power to heat different applications in the home. On the question of which is better between geothermal and solar water heating greatly depends on a number of factors. They both are beneficial and disadvantageous in different ways. Geothermal heating helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because of the technologies used in the system of heating.

Hence preventing air pollution and reduces the chances of global across the world because there are no harmful emissions that could destroy the ozone layer. Solar water heating on the other hand has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces the use of nonrenewable sources of energy such as gas, coal and nuclear power. When it comes to overall environmental conservation, solar water heating is better is better because it involves creation of energy from a natural source which is the sun.

Efficiency of geothermal heating

Geothermal heating can be used to efficiently heat other water systems in the home such as showers, dish washers and laundry equipment. With the use of geothermal heating it is possible to save a good amount of money spent on energy bills. Solar heating system is easy to install and you can also save a good amount on the energy bills. The only difference which makes geothermal heating expensive is the fact that it is not readily available and affordable to everyone like in the case of solar water heating which can be easily adopted by any people.

Solar Water Heating System

Geographical location and solar water heating

Solar water heating is greatly determined by the geographical location of your house, weather and the different climate changes that befall your area. This is because the amount of energy that you can generate depends on the power of rays that hits the solar panels. During winter seasons, you cannot generate a lot of heatç

When the rays are diffused one can generate less amount of heat because the rays will take a longer time to reach the solar panels therefore solar energy is reduced and cannot be sufficient enough for your use. Geothermal heating therefore becomes better in terms of reliability because the amount of heat generated is not adversely affected by geographical location of your neither house nor climate factors.

When it comes to maintenance costs, geothermal systems require very little maintenance and there a very few chances of developing mechanical problems because of they are located underground. The location protects the system from wind, vandalism and heavy rains which makes the systems long lasting.

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