Wind Farms

A group of turbines which are there at the same location and work as a group to generate electricity is known as wind farms. These turbines are generally connected with each other so that a farm can be made. The voltage is in use in most general cases is 34.5KV. The number of turbines that is to be used depends on the size of the farm. For a large farm, there are hundreds of wind turbines and these cover nothing less than several miles. Sometimes, wind farms are placed at offshore too. If a wind farm is set near a lake or ocean then the generation of electricity gets far easier.

Wind Farms - a brief introduction on history

The first wind farm that was ever made consisted of 20 wind turbines and was able to produce power at 30 kilowatt each. This was in the year 1980 and was built in the Southern New Hampshire, to be more specific Crotched Mountain. Till date, the largest wind farm is located in United States of America and it is named as the Roscoe Wind Farm. Other countries which have many wind farms of their own are Denmark, Spain, Germany and some of the other European countries. The largest wind farm in Europe is located in Albania and is named as the Vlore Wind farm.

How Wind Farms Work?

If you want to know the working mechanism of a wind farm then there are several factors that you should look into. The working mechanism may get a bit tough for some to understand, however it is not that tough in reality. First, the turbine design is to be looked at. A wind turbine uses only wind to generate electricity. Turbine blades are given a specific shape so that they can rotate pretty easily.

This in turn works with spinning of a low speed shaft through the gear which actually connects to another smaller one which rotates at a high speed. Note that the designs may vary from one turbine model to another and as such, it is always ideal to get one that satisfies your requirements completely. There are other factors which influence how effective wind farms are including the wind speed needed, turbine size and output, the environmental impact etc.

Wind Farms Picture

Advantages of a wind farm

Among the major advantages that come with the wind farms is their ability to conserve the environment. While that being the case, it is important to note that there are many others beyond this. Those advantages are listed below:

  • For starters, wind farms actually make it possible for the farmers to generate extra revenue. Most of the wind farms are set up in ranchers land or farms. Before the construction can be done, these farmers are paid a decent amount of money. In addition, the land can be used normally even after setting up one wind farm.
  • Since wind farms produce sustainable electricity, they provide kind of an alternative to the consumers and by doing so, aids in lowering the electricity and also the cost associated with electricity.
  • As stated earlier, wind farms are environment friendly. Therefore no pollutants are emitted by these wind farms unlike many other methods of producing electricity, hence the chances of further global warming gets reduced with usage of wind farms.

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