Wind Power for Domestic Use

Wind Power for Home Wind power is a source of energy. It is made by converting the kinetic energy from air into electricity.

Wind power lowers the cost at which electricity bills come by over 50%. Your levels of savings will depend on the average wind speed in your areas and the amount of electricity used at your home. In the end, despite having bought the turbine at high prices, it will come to save money for you.

The size of turbine required for your home will depend on the velocity of wind in your area. A 5-10 kilowatts turbine would do for any home. Turbines are used to harness the wing power and use this power to generate electricity. The best turbines to use for a typical home are the small-wind or the micro-wind.

For electricity to be made, the large blades are rotated around when the wind blows and this makes the turbine to start generating electricity. The strength of the wind determines the volume of electricity produced.

What size turbine would I need for my home?

Domestic wind turbines are of two types:-the roof and the mass mounted. The roof mounted is 1-2kW and are mounted on the roof where wind resource is more. Mass mounted turbines are installed on an exposed environment and are 2.5-6kW.

If you are worried that installation of wind power may have interference with your TV reception, or cause noise pollution… well, that is never going to be the case. A turbine especially a small one will make noise yes, but the noise will be less compared to the one made by a washing machine. TV reception is also not interfered.

You will also not require re-wiring your house, its okay to continue using the previous wiring.

Capturing Energy at Home

Wind power not only saves us the cost of electricity, but it does have many other benefits. It is eco-friendly since it is a renewable source of energy and does not emit harmful pollutants such as carbon emissions to the air. Electricity from wind can be stored in batteries for use when there is no wind. For homes producing more electricity than they need, they can pass it over to someone else, though at a cost that will earn them some extra money.

There are things to look first before installing a wind power turbine in your home. Check with the local authority if you need permission before you install one. For electricity to be produced, you have to be living in an area where the average wind is over 5m/s. The turbines work at their best when erected in an exposed environment that is free from obstacles such as trees, hills or tall buildings. These obstacles act as barriers to the turbines.

Small Wind Power Systems

To enjoy the benefits that come with wind power fully, charge the batteries every time there is excess electricity, invest in energy saving products and optimize on the energy being produced-carry out your chores on a windy day e.g. doing laundry.

The blades and the turbines should be regularly checked for maintenance. Properly maintained ones can last for up to twenty years.

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