Wind Turbine Anemometer

A wind turbine anemometer is an essential gadget in wind measurements in new or existing wind farms. The control and safe operation of wind turbines is determined by the accurate measurements of wind in wind farms. There are measures usually taken before setting up a wind farm like the assessment of wind for a long period of time.

Wind farms are usually regarded as high investments and are therefore required to bring in good returns. The accuracy in the amount of wind available for the whole year determines the amount of electrical productivity and is therefore very vital.

Data collection and Wind turbine steering

Many wind turbine anemometers are usually mounted at varying heights to collect accurate data which is then used to assess the site. To ensure efficiency, wind turbines need to be steered into the wind, wind turbine anemometers are responsible for the process. They are placed on top of the wind turbines and usually act as key control function for the wind turbines. Due to the fact that many wind farms are found in remote areas it is advisable to use very accurate wind turbine anemometers with little or no maintenance expenses. There are special wind turbine anemometers made for the two main roles.

Wind Turbine Anemometer

Gill Wind Master

The Gill Wind Master is a 3D wind turbine anemometer offering sonic temperature, sound speed and U, V and W vector out puts at 20Hz. It has an aluminum/ carbon fiber construction and monitors 0-45m/s (0-100mph) wind speed. It is recommended for the proposed site analysis.

Extreme Weather Observer

The extreme weather observer is a heated wind turbine anemometer which is designed to remain ice free in freezing weather conditions. It has an ability to measure wind speeds up to 75m/s (0-168mph) making it ideal to use in harsh weather conditions. It is made of stainless steel and no moving parts. It gives an output status which indicates the validity of data through a windows based windcom communications package which allows a user to configure it in various modes from a PC. It is highly recommended for accurate wind turbine control.

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  1. Tom Ulrich says:

    I have a 20KW wind turbine in need of a new dog-vane and anometer. Power requirements: 5 Volts DC in and 0-5 Volts out.

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