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Wind Turbine Designs

Wind energy is another form of renewable energy which is very effective and it can be used to supplement the energy produced by other energy sources. There are wind turbines that have been developed to help generate electrical energy by using wind. Wind is a renewable source of energy and that means that it can never be exhausted. Wind turbines are used to generate electrical energy through a few processes. The wind turbines have rotating blades which are pushed to turn by wind and when they turn, they rotate motors inside them which produce kinetic energy.

The Windmill Design

The energy is then transformed into electrical energy and it can be used in our homes, businesses and even offices. The wind turbine designs have been evolving over the years and today there are so many innovative designs available in the market. The first wind turbine design was known as the wind mill design and it used to have three rotating blades which were turned by the wind in order to generate electric power. This type of turbine is still in use but several modifications have been made to make it more efficient in power production.

The Sky Serpent

Another design is the sky serpent which was developed by a man known as Doug Selsam. He designed this wind turbine to be smaller and cost less money to install it. This type of turbine has many small rotors which are connected in a straight line so as not to use much space. The main aim of Doug while creating the sky serpent was to increase the efficiency of the wind turbine and he did this by ensuring that all the rotors catch a flow of the wind. When the rotors rotate, each of them produces a good amount of energy as compared to just one rotor rotating.

The Base Space Age Wind Turbine

Another wind mill design which was developed in Asia is the Base Space Age Wind Turbine. This wind mill is said to be the future of the windmill technology because of its innovative features and the amount of energy it produces. This wind turbine has amazing turns and twists which are said to be replacing the long and space consuming blades. This type of windmill can be installed on the roof tops of buildings because they do not need huge spaces to function. The helical structure of this windmill utilizes the wind energy while containing it making them very efficient.

The Mariah's Power Wind spire

Mariah's Power Wind spire is another innovative wind turbine design which is meant to be installed in neighborhoods because it is very quiet. This type of wind turbine has no propellers and it is raised about 30 feet into the air and it is about 2feet wide. This design is completely safe for birds because the turbine doesn't have any propellers. This wind turbine is said to produce up to 1KW of power if the average speed of wind is about 12mph. It does not require regular maintenance and therefore the cost of maintaining it is very low. There are many more wind turbine designs available to the public in the market today.