Wind Turbine Operation and Monitoring

Wind turbines are essential items to the user as they can play a range of functions. They are used to produce electricity. The main purpose of wind turbine operations and monitoring is to reduce the cost of production as the output increases. This is to be achieved by reducing the risk of insurance, improving the productivity of the turbine and minimizing the cost of running and repairing it.

Vibration analysis:

Function of the electric section
It carries out operations in the magnetic system, the oil base and the switches. It is meant to check the speed at which the switches are running, the amount of energy that the turbine is capable of producing and the oil intake in the transformer. It enables one to estimate the amount of energy that the wind turbine is able to generate at any given time and the quantity of oil required for an operation hence the benefits of the turbine.

Oil check
Make sure that the right kind if oil is used at all times. Manufacturers usually propose the kind and amount of fuel to be used for a particular brand of turbine. If the instructions are not followed it could lead to its constant breakdown making the cost of repair unbearable.

Check on the physical state of the materials
This is a physical check on the state of the various parts of the turbine. It involves checking if they are rusty, leaking or worn out. It helps in carrying out or early planning for replacement or repair to ensure the turbine is operational at all times.

Wind Turbine Operation
Wind Turbine Operation

Performance Monitoring

This is measurement of the amount of energy the machine has consumed in relation to the output. If found out that the machine has failed to raise energy that is considerably more than what it has used then it is either faulty or of poor quality. The amount spent on repairs should also be less than the cost of energy produced. This monitoring strategy aims to determine if the turbine is indeed profitable.

Wind turbine operation is very important as it assure the customers that the product they have purchased is really of quality and that the marketers are not out to swindle them. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of about 12 months or more during which one is able to have all maintenance and repair activities done for a lesser price than the market price. It is important to do proper and thorough monitoring of the wind turbine in order to get the desired results.

Wind Turbine Monitoring
Wind Turbine Monitoring

Monitoring enables in increasing the usage of the turbine because one is able to avoid emergency shutdown of the machine. For example, a check on a malfunctioning tool enables the management to seek maintenance before the turbine goes off. The management is also able to be in control of the amount of service the turbine renders and the intervals required for it to be serviced. For example through monitoring, a turbine that is weakened after doing a thousand megawatts of energy can be discovered and proper maintenance procedures carried out in order to prevent it from straining.

Basic Variables

  • Power
  • Wind Speed
  • Rotor Speed
  • Generator Speed
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Reactive Power
  • Grid Frequency
  • Power Factor
  • Temprature
  • Wind Direction

Checking of the turbine also ensures that the cost of repairs is minimized as failures can be foreseen and rectified. For instance, if it seems to be overusing its fuel then repairs should be carried out on the fuel tank. Monitoring can also be made by analyzing data obtained from the functioning of the turbine. Production of too much or too little can be a sigh of a future problem as the turbine is either overworking itself hence getting quickly worn out or running at a loss.

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