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Wind Turbines Cost

It is time for us to start thinking about producing renewable sources of energy rather than using up all the fossil fuels in the ground. These fuels which are non-renewable are also harmful to the planet as they cause high levels of pollution as well as global warming. The most common amongst the renewable sources of energy is the wind energy.

Getting to know about Wind Turbines

The basic principle involved in the production of electricity using wind is that you spin a turbine with high speed and it generates velocity. Now, it can be connected with a motor to generate electric power. In order to make that work, there is basically only one important part and that of course is the turbine. The turbine is produced in various sizes based on the requirements of the user.

Cost Determination of Wind Turbines

Determining the cost of Wind Turbine is a very important factor while establishing a wind electricity generation plant. Even a basic wind turbine comprises of many integral parts and the cost of the individual parts will determine the cost of the entire turbine. The diameter of the rotors, the height of the plant and the generation capacity are the basic factors determining the overall rate of the turbine.

Why is this good investment?

When most homeowners hear about the word Wind Energy production, they feel that it is an expensive project. But they will be surprised to find out that most of these parts cost less than they imagine. And moreover, it is a cost that they can afford for the betterment of their place. This form as energy as mentioned is eco-friendly and harmless. Considering that the investment will last forever, it is quite an intelligent investment. You don't need to re-fill or re-charge anything like you need to do in fossil fuels and Biomass. The only thing that needs refilling is the air and that obviously comes for free.

A basic layout on the cost

Before considering the money to be spent, you need to predict your stay at this field. If you think that this is short term, then you should not go for heavy weight parts. But, if you are here to stay you can afford to buy the best parts. The best parts which are going to be bought at the start of the business will yield full profit over a course of six to seven years.

A well fledged wind plant will produce around 5000 MW of energy per month and that roughly requires around 200 wind turbines. Large wind plants which produce around 700kW energy on their own will cost us about half million dollars while smaller wind plants which produce 100-200 kW of energy will come in handy and cost about $150,000. In addition to this, you also need to pay for the land area in which you are installing the plant and also the installation charges.

With the increasing demand for energy sources all around the world, the wind energy plant is a much anticipated product and it should be welcomed.