How can I figure out how many solar panels I need?

A product which is used to harvest the sunlight and can produce electricity from solar power is known as solar panels. Solar cells are used to make a panel and these cells are also called as photovoltaic cells. There is a certain pattern that is used in forming the grid of solar panel. Gallium arsenide and crystalline silicon alley are the main ingredients used in forming these photovoltaic cells. At certain cases, deposits of amorphous silicon alley using a roll to continuously process cells are used too. This type is far more durable and also efficient when compared to the cells formed with crystalline silicon.

Solar panel – what are the applications?

For different functionalities, you can use a solar panel, be it a commercial or residential area. For an instance, water heating can be done with solar panels. From the sun, these panels collect enough energy and therefore heat up the water stored in the water heaters of the household. At the same time, solar panels can be used for charging of cell phones and batteries as well. Miniature panels can also be used to charge the batteries consisting lithium which are there in the solar battery chargers.

Lighting is also a purpose that can be completed using solar panels. The photovoltaic cells used in a solar panel are charged throughout the daytime and at night, they can be used for illumination of a home, streets or commercial buildings. As solar cells generate dependable power for the electrical systems, the same can be used in the satellites as well. You may wonder how but solar panels have been used in spacecraft travelling too. There is a certain amount of electricity that is required for propulsion and operating the sensors of the spaceship and that can be supplied by a solar panel.

Solar Panels

How many panels are required?

If you have made up your mind in buying a panel for serving your purpose, then the next question that comes immediately into one's mind is how many of these you need? Before you decide, there are certain factors that should be examined. Think about your daily power consumption first. You can use various online utilities available to calculate the same. The unit in general is watts and that calculates on daily basis. Also, know what is the amount of sunlight that you get each day? You can figure that out on yearly basis. Once you complete your estimation for both the things, you will be able to decide on the number of panels.

Those who are aware of RV's can decide on the number of solar panels with a wild but educated guess. Most of the RV systems fall under 75-400 watts range and there are very few RV systems that are available in 500 watts. It is actually advisable to start with one or two solar panels at the maximum. You can always add a new one to the already existing ones according to the modifications in your requirements. You may also consider buying the solar charge controllers which can handle conditions prompting to you buy a new panel.

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