New Alternative Ways of Clean Renewable Energy

A clean renewable source of energy is power that is gotten from natural sources as opposed to the commonly used energy. Renewable energy is therefore a blanket term that is mostly used to refer to different sources of power. It has widely changed due to climatic concerns.

All forms of energy are generally expensive but as time goes by, so is the renewable getting more affordable and a bit cheaper therefore encouraging the use of renewable power as the source of energy.

Alternative ways of clean renewable energy

  • Tidal energy, geothermal power, biomass energy, solar power and wind energy are some of the sources of power that are being recommended, promoted and developed to reduce carbon emission that is believed to be the main cause of global warming that has in turn impacted negatively to the world leading to famine, droughts and other earth threatening calamities.
  • Power that is from wave currents and tidal motions especially offshore resources can be used to produce more energy compared to that of terrain. Wind power is said to have the potential to generate five times more energy of the current global use.
  • As an alternative of the clean renewable energy, geothermal energy is the power that is produced from the earth's core. It is cheap, sustainable, and dependable and it can therefore be used to reduce the effects of global warming if mostly used instead of fossil fuels since it is environment friendly. These sources of energy can be used to adequately satisfy human power needs but it is also very expensive given that the drilling and searching of resources situated deep beneath the earth's crust is very much costly.

Clean Renewable Energy and Wind Turbines

  • Biomass energy is also an alternative way of having renewable power and it produces its energy from living and non-living organisms such as plants and animal matter and garbage. Nevertheless, biomass can be used as gas from biodegradable wastes. In addition, biomass can be converted into other utilizable forms of power such as for transportation of fuels in ethanol and biodiesel form which in turn can be formed from food remains or waste like animal fats and vegetable oils and methane gas derived from decomposing refuse and farming and human being waste.
  • Solar energy is largely using solar radiation for useful and realistic ends. It is produced by the sun on reaching the earth's surface, solar radiation in absorbed and therefore ending up raising the temperatures in the oceans and on the world. It is important to note that, apart from tidal and geothermal power, all other alternative sources of energy get their energy directly or indirectly from the sun.
  • Wind power is one of the new alternative ways of clean renewable sources of energy and it is therefore efficient, fresh and renewable power from the wind. Basically, it is the change of wind power into renewable and useful energy like the use of wind turbine to generate electricity while using wind pumps to drain water. Wind power use is steadily rising to be used as the main supply of renewable energy.

All consumers, industries and governments should participate, encourage and invest in energy efficiency by the use of alternative forms of clean renewable energy because it will not only boost their economy but it will also help the conservation of the environment for the future generations.

Alternative ways of clean renewable energy also depends so much on all the concerned parties to come up with strategies that assist in the reduction of carbon emission gases which in turn will lead to reduction of global warming. It is therefore important to invest in fuel-efficient vehicles, a cleaner environment and in turn a safer world.

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