How many Solar Hot Water Panels do I need?

If you are thinking about installing solar water heating panels in your home, you might encounter various questions. Asking these questions and getting clarified is very important as you are going to invest some money into the whole thing. If you are investing money, you will expect proper outcome from the device and that will not be possible if you don't clarify your lingering doubts. So, here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about solar water heating panels.

How many panels will you need?

The Solar Water heater's efficiency will at most depend upon the surface area of these panels. You can also use many number of panels to increase the overall surface area. So, how many of these panels will you need for your solar water heater to work effectively?

The answer is simple and it depends on your day to day needs. Normally, all solar panels manufactured today come with an electricity booster. If your panels can't gather enough sunlight, this booster will get into action and utilize electricity to heat water. At the same time, if you are over using your panels, the electric booster will work.

This will increase your electricity bill and increase pollution making the whole point of solar heaters invaluable. So, before you buy a solar heater you should analyze your needs with it. If you have four members in your family, you should go with a general size heater and if you are buying the heater for commercial purposes, you should fancy a larger heater. You can estimate the one you need by consulting with an electrician.

Solar Hot Water Panels on the Roof
Solar Hot Water Panels

How to connect the panel with your appliances?

The next question you might encounter is the method using which you connect the water heater with your appliances. If you are going to use the hot water for bathing purpose, then you won't need to connect it with anything. You can just draw the water from the simple plumbing connection.

But if you are going to use that for washing purpose, you need to make sure that your washing machine has a hot water inlet. If your washing machine doesn't has that, you won't be able to send solar powered hot water into it and the heating process will only take place manually. This process of checking the hot water inlet is also applicable to other devices such as a dishwasher.

How much can you spend?

The last doubt that you will have is the spending process. As you might have noticed, there are many models out there in the market. There is a solar heater for $100 and there is another solar heater for $2000. What difference could they possibly have? Well, mostly the costly solar heaters come with installation charges.

If you choose to install the system on your own, you will be able to save at least a $500 bucks. The installation process too isn't that hard and you can get tutorial videos for that in the internet. But if you go to a professional, your work will be done in doubt quick time and it will be perfect.

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